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A New Awakening

The New Year of 2015

There is a Fresh Spiritual Awakening coming to the Body of Christ for the New Year concerning God’s original plan for the Church (Body of Christ – “called out ones”)!

3 specific enlightenment’s freshly happening in those in the Body of Christ who choose to yield to the Holy Ghost: 1) Each is to be transformed and conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. 2) Each is to be a Carrier of God’s Glory, be the representative of Jesus and make Him famous on the earth. 3) Each has a responsibility to advance the Kingdom in a greater way because time has accelerated and the End is closer than believed.

With this Awakening is also coming a New Reformation!

The Awakening causes that “within” which has been asleep or lying dormant with no activity to be revived and come to life and movement (activity) again!

The Reformation brings forth a change in structure so that you will not slip back into the OLD. You will stay with the NEW!

The Awakening and Reformation brings about a New, Fresh state of SEEKING; a condition of BEING! A stir to DOING!

This Awakening is for the Purpose for the Church (individuals) to come into a New Enlightenment (on a much larger scale) of who they are and what they have been created for!

The Church (You) was created for the purpose to commune, worship and bring the Father glory!

This New Awakening is bringing a shaking, stirring up and activation of the Fullness of God within HIS people for it to manifest in their life!

The glorious church is being prepared for Christ Himself. The church (people individually) shall experience many changes that bring a TRANSFORMING to them. There is a changing “from glory to glory!”

Yet, for that to happen: ALL of us (Each one of us)…will be taking MANY TRIPS to the Potter’s House! (I’m not talking about a trip to T.D. Jakes church either as great as that is!) We each will experience being put on the Potter’s Wheel! This will bring a TRANSFORMING and a CONFORMING to our life to be more like Jesus Christ! This is what changes us from “glory to glory!”

*To be Transformed means “to change into another form; to be metamorphosed, transfigured, appear as a new person, with new habits.” It implies “a radical, thorough change, both inward and outward!”  (changed inside out!)

*To be Conformed means “to put on the form, fashion, or appearance of another; to be similar to, the same as or identical to, in nature, character or form.”