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A New Season of Healing

Have you ever thought you were completely healed of something; only to find it reoccurring again in your life? In prayer today, I heard the Holy Spirit say that many people are in the process of recovery and shall walk in full manifestation of it. If you are reading this, You may be one of those people that is in the process of recovery. Cleansing and healing is part of the process of recovery! You will be healed in this New Season of some OLD PAST HURTS. You thought you had been totally healed of some hurt that you had experienced from the past, but it seems that it has reappeared again. Do not be alarmed about it. It is surfacing, because you need some more cleansing and healing in that area. So open up and allow healing to flow to you so you can receive. Continue to forgive whoever brought the hurt to you! It brings freedom to you and it releases them to experience change too. You are well on your way to experiencing the greatest FREEDOM you have ever known or walked in for your life. You will look back long enough to say, “Look what the Lord hath done in my life!”