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Are You One Of Twelve?

Do you believe the Bible? Do you believe what it says? In Daniel 11:32 it says, “…the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” DO YOU BELIEVE THAT WORD? You were not anointed by the Holy Spirit to sit on a pew! You are anointed (empowered with the Spirit) to set Captives free! Someone is waiting on you to get beyond the idea of the work being inside the House of Worship! That someone is in the Field which is outside of the four walls of the place you get trained and equipped for the work of the ministry! Don’t be afraid to step out of the boat and do something different so someone’s life can be TRANSFORMED! There were 12 disciples that were in a boat, but only ONE (Peter) dared to step out into the supernatural and BREAK OUT away from the ordinary to do something extraordinary! Will you be ONE OUT OF TWELVE that will take the challenge and do something supernatural that will shift you beyond where you have been operating? If you know your God, you shall be strong and do exploits (great deeds!) Is that you the Holy Spirit is talking to?