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Come Out Of The "I Can't" Zone

Are you doing your part to ADVANCE THE KINGDOM OF GOD? As long as you look to your own ability, you will stay in the “I CAN’T” zone and will do nothing for the Kingdom of God! You will find your “I can’t” won’t even try! The King is not looking for you to do something in your ability, but to look to Him and His ability! What He wants out of you is “availability and co-operation!” Surely you can give Him that from you! There are people waiting on the other side of your purpose! Waiting on your obedience to release the Kingdom of God within you so that their life can be TRANSFORMED. There are people crying out for a change; a healing; a deliverance; a freedom; a restoration! You are the extension of the Lord Jesus Christ in the earth! You are His extended hands, feet and mouthpiece! He is asking you today: “Will you yield to Me and allow Me to work through you so I can Transform someone else’s life? Opportunity after opportunity is passing you by! Will you co-operate with Me so I can answer the prayer of those who have cried out for a change! My eyes are going forth, searching for someone whose heart is turned toward Me; that desire for Me to flow through them, in touching another life. Open up and allow Me to use you and watch what I can do in advancing My Kingdom and Glory!”