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God Has Your Back

Do not think it strange that you have so much warfare going on around you. When you got saved (Born Again) that made you a target for attacks from satan! Yet, I come bearing some GOOD NEWS! Your God, The Great Jehovah has your back! What an awesome thought to consider! The Bible says in Isaiah 52:12 “…the God of Israel will be your rereward.” Then in Isaiah 58:8 it says, “…the glory of the Lord shall be thy rereward.”  The word “rereward” means “cover from behind separating you from the enemy; have the back; be a defense; guard.” Keeping that in mind, to say GOD HAS YOUR BACK means “You have His support! You have His help! He will be there no matter what happens; He is right there with you! He is there to defend you if needed. He is your wall of protection!” Satan, your enemy, does not like it when you move forward in fulfilling the Will of God! He will throw whatever he can against you to try to prevent you from doing it! WHY? Because it interrupts his plans and purposes! Don’t be fooled! Satan is NOT going to sit idle, eating bonbons and drinking RC Cola while you are being used by the Lord to mess up his plans! He wants to stop you from obeying the Lord! He will throw whatever he can at you to try to stop you in your tracks! But too late! You are an overcomer in and thru Jesus Christ! Have you noticed that when you’re up against something that satan throws in your way; about the time you think you are down for the count; Jesus-the Rescuer shows up! Jesus made a way of escape by sending The Holy Ghost who is the Spirit of truth (the Truth-giving Spirit)! The Holy Ghost is your paraclete: One that comes along side; your attorney; defense! He has been given as your aid to be your comforter (John 14:16 AMP); your Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby and He will remain with you forever! HE’S GOT YOUR BACK!

I want to share this quote from Tony Evans that goes right along with what I just shared with you. “If God is powerful enough to take you to Heaven, He is powerful enough to have your back on earth, Trust Him!”