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Household Change

Something BIG is stirring in my spirit today. It is called CHANGE! I must release this word to someone who will believe it and receive it.

I keep hearing in my spirit that The Great Jehovah, The Supreme and Extreme One, The God of your breakthrough is bringing change to your house! He is making House Calls and He needs to be welcome into your home. This is a Defining Moment for you to receive your breakthrough, but you must believe and receive it by faith! You must be willing to let go of anything that would be hindering you from receiving that Breakthrough of change for you and your House! Expect the manifestation to happen! You have longed for this time to come. You have cried out for it. You have shed tears concerning it. Today if you will believe and receive, you are shifting from the Valley of Baca into a fruitful place! You have shed enough tears as you have cried out for change in your life. The Lord has heard every cry. He has seen every struggle. He has felt every pain. He is not such a High Priest, yet He feels your infirmities. But this day He is sending deliverance if you will receive it. When you thought the fire was going to consume you, it did not! When you thought the flood of waters were going to drown you, they did not. The Lord has kept you in the midst of it all! You have longed for this time to come! It is here if you will receive your change, but you cannot continue to lean to your own understanding. Believe it is for you NOW! Your God shall not fail you. He is faithful to every promise He has spoken to be in your life. He shall break down every wall and bring change that is needed. You need to begin saying: BREAKTHROUGH IS HAPPENING AT MY HOUSE! GOD IS MANIFESTING HIS WORD IN MY HOUSE! That means everyone in the House will be affected by the God change that shall be manifested! You must know that the True and Living God you serve delights in revealing who He is to you and your household! He is THE GREAT I AM. Whatever you need, He is and shall be that to you! He is THE FAITHFUL ONE. He is THE CONFIRMER AND PERFORMER OF HIS WORD! Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God! Be emptied of anything that has exalted itself above the Will and Promises of God for your life. Let go of any pride that has exalted itself in your life. Without God, nothing changes! Without the Holy Spirit working, nothing changes! Without Jesus being the Center of your being, nothing changes! Be honest with yourself and your Creator. This is the time to move away from any doubt and/or unbelief. Cast down every thought that would be vain and contrary to what God has spoken of His Will to be for your family. Be willing to release all bitterness, unforgiveness, resentment, anger, negativity, vain imaginations, etc. that has built up within you. Repent and receive your cleansing from the Blood of Jesus that is for you today and always. Let your HEALING and RESTORATION begin today! Make a “shift” over into operating in the realm of faith and expect a manifestation of the possible! You are to be ruling and reigning in this life as a Victorious one in and through Jesus Christ! Do not allow defeat, discouragement, frustrations, and distractions to deter you from your promised destiny! God is faithful! He does not lie! His word is pure and sure and forever established to be! Embrace it! Believe it! Declare and decree it! Receive it! It is yours NOW for the taking! Usher it in now by lifting your voice to LOVE AND WORSHIP your Creator. Express your faith that you have in Him! He is “standing still” for you just as He did Blind Bartimaeus! Your cries have gotten the Lord’s attention. Just as the blind man cried out and Jesus stood still for him ministering wholeness to him; He is doing the same for you. Let your faith in God do the saying! Faith calls things that are not as though they were! Today, you can put your change in motion by declaring the Word of God by faith and expecting it to be manifesting for you and your house! Your God is forever faithful!