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Love Rewarded

Is this word for you? Is this a place you are at right now concerning a situation in your life? If it is, then receive (take) it!

“You have time and time again shown the LOVE OF GOD to others and someone in particular. No matter how much you have shown it to them, they continue to act ugly to you. Your flesh has screamed out to quit showing it to them. Do not quit! The AGAPE LOVE OF GOD is a strong weapon against the enemy that is in control of the situation regarding them. The Love you are showing is piercing thru walls and breaking them down so the Holy Spirit can get to the heart of the one(s) that you have been ministering this Love to. Just because there is no outward sign to be seen yet that the Agape Love you are showing to them is having impact, does not mean it is not! Do not be moved by what you see in the natural right now. Continue to show the Love of God to them anyway. You will soon see the fruit come forth from the action you have taken. They will only be able to resist so long, then they will find that they have been overtaken by the love of God! This will bring them to an encounter with the One who created them for His purposes, God (Elohim)! Expect the breakthrough that is coming! You will see the reward from the action you have taken to walk and conduct yourself in the Love of God concerning them and the situation faced.”