Inner Circle Ministries
The Power To Overcome Through The Balanced Word Of God!


With the way that immorality has taken a rise, we got to continually be on guard that we do NOT give any room for compromise in our life! I want to encourage you to keep standards in your life (backed by the word of God) that will help you to stay away from anything that would entice you into the “web of deception!” There is a clarion call sounding and resounding in the earth! A sound for HOLINESS! A sound for CHRIST-LIKENESS! A sound for a HIGHER STANDARD OF MORALS! Can you hear this sound that is having a ripping effect in the earth! BE WISE AND DON’T COMPROMISE! Let your life represent the True Christ in the earth! We need to see some SANCTIFIED SAINTS in these End Times! Will you be one of those Sanctified Saints?