Inner Circle Ministries
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Prepare for the Glory

There is a Tsunami of Glory coming upon this earth! When this glory invasion happens, it will touch areas that you have so longed to see changed! Now is the time for you to allow yourself to be emptied out of anything that would keep the glory from being released into your life. The glory and sin do not abide in the same Temple. It is time to see the manifestation of the true “sons of God” in this earth and see the Glory be displayed in a manner that lives will be transformed! Do you want to be a carrier of the Glory of God and impact lives for the kingdom? Consecrate yourself unto your God and Rise up allowing Him to use you to show forth His glory! It’s time to shine…but you must first come and dine! The Master is calling your name…come… come…come; the Table is spread! Come and Dine then go forth and shine!