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Presence or Pleasure

What will you exchange for the Lord’s presence in your life? How is a season of pleasure worth more over the Lord’s presence? A trap from satan has been set for a damnation of your soul. This trap will take you deeper than you have imagined. What will it profit, if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul? What would you be willing to sell your soul to and give up the presence of your King? The balance is being weighed; which path shall ye walk? The narrow or broad? The narrow leads to Eternal Life and peace and few will find it. The broad leads to destruction and many shall walk it. Do not be halted between two opinions. It is the Lord’s presence or the world’s pleasure. Search out your own salvation with fear and trembling. The Lord is a jealous God and is jealous over you. There is no play in the Kingdom of God. If you play with fire, you shall get burned. If you turn your face in to the Lord’s direction, you shall burn with fire of His presence. Again, what would you give in exchange for the Lord’s presence? There is a penalty for sin; for the wages of sin is death. Repent and come clean in your heart, mind and body. You will be cleansed and restored. Do not return to the vomit or the vomit will consume you.