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Promises Fulfilled

IF God said it, you need to believe it! Don’t be moved by your circumstances or anything else! Hold on to the word God has spoken to you! He will put you in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time, and connect you with the RIGHT people…so that the word that God has spoken will unfold! Remember Joseph? That which appeared to be working against him in all he went through was really working to his good to get him to the palace! His dream was unfolding even when it did not appear it was! Those things that appeared to be set-backs for him was actually a SET-UP for the God given dream to be fulfilled. You need to trust the Holy Spirit to guide your steps so that you can walk right into that promised word or dream that God has spoken to you! Hear me again, GOD will put you in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time, and connect you with the RIGHT people so that HIS word is fulfilled! That is what was happening for Joseph! Even though it appeared the wrong place, it was actually the RIGHT place! He had FAVOR working for Him. That FAVOR was making the pathway for His dream to be fulfilled! I am speaking to people who feel like their promise and/or dream has been lost! It is not lost! You need to get another grip of the God-given Promise or Dream again! Don’t lose hope! Just because you are faced with some uncomfortable circumstances does not mean God has fell off His throne! He is at work to bring change that is needed so you can see your Promise manifest! Be encouraged! God has not passed over you! You are the apple of His eye and He is watching over His word to perform it for you! That which appears dead is not dead! It is just going through what we call PROCESS! The process is bringing forth your God-given promise! So get a grip once again and fight the good fight of faith! Much is happening in your behalf!