Inner Circle Ministries
The Power To Overcome Through The Balanced Word Of God!

Rise Up Mighty Warrior

The Almighty God is raising up some mighty warriors! As you simply obey the Holy Spirit, He shall use you so He can pierce through darkness to bring change! Walls shall be broken down; strongholds shall be destroyed! There shall be manifestations of victory in the place of defeat; healing and restoration where there has been hurts and brokenness. This will take many from a place of bondage to a place of freedom! You carry a Breaker’s Anointing and the Spirit is breaking through areas of darkness that is working within people’s lives that is in your sphere of influence. Manifestations that you have longed for are beginning to be manifested before your eyes! And many more manifestations are coming if you will continue to believe and expect them to be! The weapons of Love that you have been using are weapons of war to pierce through darkness in other lives bringing liberation to them! Expect the captivity of those you have been concerned about to be over-turned! Watch them who have been imprisoned by the devil to be shifted into a place of liberation! For the shift in their life shall take them from captivity into liberty! Rejoice now! Shout now! Praise now! Worship Now! For you indeed shall see the manifestations come forth! What has seemed like a long time coming, will appear as a suddenly to you, but the Holy Spirit has been working in the hearts of those that have been bound for some time now and has been chipping away and removing hindrances from their lives so they will return back to the Father! Change is on its way now! For all that has been blind shall see! All that has been bound shall be free! You shall see a TRANSFORMING take place that will cause you to have to testify of the goodness of your King! Shout now!