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Rise Up Warrior

“There is much spiritual warfare going on in this time that we live. There is such a battle between light and darkness. It is a war against the absolute, incorruptible, pure, unadulterated word of God (truth)! Anyone who is standing firm on and for this truth is experiencing spiritual warfare! Amid this warfare, you must be on guard of every tactics that would be brought on by the enemy of your soul! You have not been created by the Great Creator to lay down and be a door-mat to satan. You were not created to be “trampled on” by him! He has for too long been allowed to speak one lie after another, bring harassment, torment and accusation against you. This has been an ongoing thing against you. This is not freedom that Jesus Christ brought to you! You must Rise Up in Jesus Name! Do not entertain the devil’s drama! Ephesians 4:29 says, “Give no foothold for the devil; give him no opportunity!” You were not created to entertain him. You were born of the Spirit of God to be a “Hell Razer!” You were created to “tear down; demolish; dismantle; pull down; take down; to wreck; to over throw; to destroy; to obliterate” the works of the enemy! Rise Up as a Warrior! Enforce what Jesus Christ has already accomplished! He conquered satan! Now enforce it on the earth! Begin with your personal life! He does not belong in your face, so put him in his place! Where? Under your feet! You will find this will release you to walk in the freedom Jesus Christ intended for you and paid the price for! It is for you to walk in NOW! You were created to Rule and Reign as Kingdom of God citizens! To live like and operate as Kings and Priests in this earth! You were created to walk in dominion and have authority! Kings and Priests have authority! They have rights! They carry power! What they say goes! Jesus Christ is the One who gives the orders (commands) and we as Kings (under His authority) have an obligation to obey and carry them out! As part of the “Church of Jesus Christ” – “the called out ones”, you are to be carrying out the orders of King Jesus and enforcing God’s Will in the earth and stopping the destructive plans of satan! You do this by enforcing God’s Word! God’s word is truth and it releases freedom to the captives! Use what has been given you! Jesus handed the keys over to you! Take the Name of Jesus and the Word of God and put satan where he belongs! You have been empowered by the Holy Ghost to make a difference! Someone is waiting on the other side of your obedience! The earth is groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of God! Through your obedience someone’s life will get transformed and freedom will come to them! You have been empowered to witness Jesus through word and demonstration! Move Forward in obedience and allow the Holy Ghost to bring freedom to someone’s life in Jesus Name!”