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Rising Up Time

This is a RISING UP TIME! Somebody needs to rise up to a NEW LIFE IN CHRIST! Rise up from the pile of ashes and allow Jesus to bring beauty for ashes! Rise up out of sin! Rise up out of deception! Rise up from defeat! Rise up from the pains of the past! Rise up with victory! Rise up with healing! Rise up delivered! Rise up set free! Rise up made whole! Is that you the Lord is talking to? It is RISING UP TIME! Rise up from being slothful! Rise up and get stirred up! Rise up and burn with the Holy Ghost glow! Rise up and witness Jesus by word and demonstration! It’s time to Get up; Rise up; and Move Forward fulfilling the purpose of God for your life! Shake off the old, dead stuff and be renewed in the spirit of your mind! Rise up out of the victim place! Rise up and walk in authority that has been given you by Jesus! Put the devil where he belongs; under your feet! You already have victory; now rise up and walk in it as the Overcomer and victor in Christ!