Inner Circle Ministries
The Power To Overcome Through The Balanced Word Of God!

Speak Life

In spite if others do not believe in miracles, continue to stand and believe God for what you are needing! Miracles still happen! In your situation(s), let your faith continue to soar and let the Holy Ghost over them roar! Your God delights in doing things that bring Him glory! So keep pressing with your faith! Shut out every negative, evil report and keep believing God’s report! The Lord has heard your prayers and your supplications! He has seen your weeping in desperation! Do not fear! Believe that all things are possible with your God! When He gets involved, something changes! Believe for the change to manifest your miracle that is needed! Faith in God moves Him to act on your behalf! Be strengthened in the area of faith! Do not abort faith in your life! Believe to the very end! God is faithful and He finds delight in you! He takes pleasure in you trusting Him above what you see in the natural! One word from God is all it takes to get your faith stirred and moving toward your miracle! Keep believing! All things are possible to them who believes! Keep talking the word of God! Keep declaring and decreeing the word of God! Every scripture is God-Breathed upon and carries LIFE to them! Continue to speak LIFE to your situation! Declare that into the atmosphere! Charge your atmosphere with LIFE not death! Jesus spoke to death and overturned it into LIFE! Declare this thing accomplished in Jesus Name!