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Spirit Within You

I want to share something that continues to inspire me every time I read it and I pray it inspires you too.

Smith Wigglesworth quoted: “I would rather have the Spirit of God on me for five minutes than receive a million dollars.”

“One day Smith Wigglesworth came home from work and went into the house, and his wife asked him, “Which way did you come in?” He told her that he had come in the back door. She said, “There is a woman upstairs, and she has brought an eighty-year-old man to be prayed for. He is raving up there, and a great crowd has gathered outside the front door, ringing the doorbell and wanting to know what is going on in the house.” The Lord quietly whispered, “This is what I baptized you for.” (To set the captives free!) Smith carefully opened the door of the room where the man was, desiring to be obedient to what his Lord would say to him. The man was crying and shouting in distress, “I am lost! I am lost! I have committed the unpardonable sin. I am lost! I am lost!” My wife asked, “Smith, what should we do?” The Spirit of the Lord moved Smith to cry out, “Come out, you lying spirit.” In a moment the evil spirit went, and the man was free. God gives deliverance to the captives! And the Lord said again to me, “This is what I baptized you for.”