Inner Circle Ministries
The Power To Overcome Through The Balanced Word Of God!

The Giant is Coming Down

“You have been in a heated battle! A struggle within and without. You have felt that you were not overcoming. 

The Lord says, Take a look back to see where you have come from. You have overcome some things! Like David, You have overcome and took down the lion and the bear. And now comes the giant that has stood before you as if to defy you and your God! You are overcoming and taking it down too! 

Rejoice! God’s grace upon your life is enabling you to overcome and through the power of the Holy Spirit you shall conqueror this giant that has been defiant in your life! 

David not only took down the giant, but he took the head off also! And held it up as a Trophy won by a GOD CHAMPION! Jesus conquered all things for you! Now stand and enforce that conquer by overcoming that which is appearing before you as a giant! The uncircumcised giant David faced tried to intimidate him, but it did not work. Neither will it work when it comes to your giant coming against you! David did not go to slay the giant Goliath in his own strength! No! First, David was a Covenant man so he had the Covenant Word backing him. He went in the Name of the Lord! There is strength and power in the word and the Name of Jesus. It has been given to you to use! Be strong and of good courage! Move forward in the wonderful might of your God! YOU are More than a Conqueror. Jesus Christ conquered and now YOU are Blessed to enjoy the benefits! Stand fast with confidence that what Jesus Christ did was enough and now your sufficiency is IN HIM! Be encouraged my friend! The giant that has been standing against you is tumbling to the ground and coming to nothing! YOU are a world overcomer! YOU are a giant killer! YOU are a CHAMPION WARRIOR! Not later, but NOW!! Are you ready to walk in the victory provided for you NOW? Do it! Jesus paved the way and provided the victory!!”