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The Shining Stars Are Becoming Brighter

Stars have always fascinated me! When I was a child growing up, I remember how some of us kids would go out at night and look up at the stars. Some of them would not be very bright, but then there were others that were very bright! It was fascinating to “gaze” at them because of the beauty they displayed in the midst of the darkness! Well, as fascinating as they were, they are nothing compared to “The Shining Stars” that are being raised up spiritually for this End Times! These are people who have the “glow of the Holy Spirit” upon them and who are standing out brighter as the days get darker due to sin and increase of evil! This is not a time to fear; it is a time to rise up and release a praise! Raise a Praise unto the King! King Jesus has paid an awesome price so you could be an overcomer; more than a conqueror! Victory is already made available for you! The Church of Jesus Christ being built is not a defeated church. She is a beautiful shining, victorious, glorious Bride! She is shining with the glory of Christ on her! Although the days have been darkened due to sin, these are glorious days for the Church of Jesus Christ! Begin to look at yourself as a “shining star” displaying the beauty of your Creator! Your life can be one that is displaying the glory that has been given you by Jesus Christ! Do not get locked into the idea of the sin that is running rampage in the Body of Christ and outside of it! Rather get focused on you being a part of the victorious, glorious church of Jesus Christ! The Holy Spirit desires to move through you so others can see the beauty of righteousness and true holiness! So they can see displayed the beauty of the One who holds all things by the word of His power! Repentance will set you on the course to becoming a “Shining Star” to display the Glory of the King! Begin to yield yourself to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to raise you up to be a “Shining Star” in these End Times! The darker it becomes upon the earth due to sin and increased evil; the brighter the “shining stars” will shine displaying the beauty of glory of the Great Creator Elohim!