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The Voice Among Voices

There are many voices in the land! There is only one voice that is distinct from any other voice and that is of the Good Shepherd! “Jesus said His sheep know His voice and a stranger they will not follow.”

Anyone that knows me knows I am prophetic to the bone! I tell you that to let you know I am NOT against prophecy! I believe in Prophecy! But I need to tell you, not everyone that prophesies is prophesying right on words! Some things are being prophesied that are coming forth out of emotions of people rather than out of their spirit man where the Holy Spirit has made His abode!

This is an hour you better get keener in your discernment. The Lord spoke to me in prayer this morning and said: there are many people prophesying things that are NOT in alignment to what He is really saying! They are speaking and their speaking's are swelling words that are leaving many disappointed and devastated! There is a high accountability for what anyone releases to another and labels it “Thus Saith The Lord!”