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Time Of Release

Jealousy and competition should not be a part of the people in the Body of Christ! We all suppose to be a “completion” to one another, not in competition with one another! Don’t get bitter over what God is doing in others that He is raising up. In fact, may I tell you, there needs to be some cheerleaders for them! Cheer them on in the ministry. Give them wisdom that you have had imparted into you. Don’t hoard that wisdom all to yourself! Help them along, don’t get mad and jealous over them! You may not know the process they been through! When something is of the Lord’s doings, He will do it His way and you need to be happy with it! Don’t be bitter. Don’t be jealous. Get over this thing of trying to shut them down! Urge them to fly! Leaders RELEASE THEM TO SOAR and ROAR FOR THE LORD! So what if they make a mistake! Correct them and let them learn to fly! It is time some people be pushed out of their nest and learn to fly! Let them flap those wings! They may have to be picked up and let go to fly again, but help them don’t harm them! You will see the fruit of your labor come forth if you will allow them this privilege!