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Time To Dig A Fresh Well

“I have been hearing there are some FRESH WELLS that are going to be dug in some new locations! I am not talking about natural wells, I am talking about some spiritual wells. God created you to be a releaser of the Living Waters from the rivers within you. When there is no outlet in your life for that to happen, it brings on a frustration because of not fulfilling a purpose for which you were created. There are many who have taken in great deposits of the Word of God and of His presence and it has been in reserve. It is time to pull out of reserve that which is needed elsewhere! The rivers within are needing an outlet to release the Living Water within you. Have you ever been up close and seen a pond or lake that did not have an outlet to it? What happens? It becomes stagnant and has a gross appearance to it. Stagnation might have set in to your life, but one obedience to the Holy Spirit can get that changed! IT IS TIME TO DIG A FRESH WELL!”