Inner Circle Ministries
The Power To Overcome Through The Balanced Word Of God!

Transformed Thinking

IF you believe that God is good and withholds nothing from you since you walk upright before Him; why is it that you fret over the things you do? Why is it that you allow fear to get in to your life and take over? How is it that you believe all things are possible with your God, but have trouble believing He will do it? Could it be that your mind needs to be transformed by the word of God? Could it be that your mentality has been producing the wrong reality in your life? Something to think about! Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things shall be added to your life! Seek to do all things the King’s way and it will produce fruit every time! Remember, renewing that mind is a process, but you must begin so you will have the right mentality to produce the right reality in your life. Your King desires you to prosper in ALL areas of your life. So renew your mind to the scriptures and apply HIS principles of His word. There is LIFE in the seed of the word and it will produce that which brings forth LIFE!