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Used For His Glory

The Lord’s Will is that His Kingdom be advanced in the earth. He does not just pick out certain ones and say this is who I am going to use for My glory! He uses people who others would least expect to be used! Yes I am talking about people who still are dealing with “issues”, yet there love for Him outweighs the change they still need to experience in their life! The Bible is full of people who had “issues”, yet was used for the glory of the King! Don’t be hard pressed to be critical over someone you see being used by the Lord, who He has touched, transformed and who are yielded to Him. In fact, some people who have allowed pride to set in to their life, who believe no one can do it better than them, is going to be very shocked of what the King is going to do in these last days! There are people right now as I speak who are in process of preparation to be brought forth to the front-lines to be used to wreck the powers of darkness! To those who are in their comfort zone, satisfied with the status quo; do not get upset because you see some people doing some things you should have been doing yourself! This is a time of awakening and reform! It is time for an exchange of old wineskins into new wineskins! It is time for people of the Kingdom of God to take advantage of every opportunity given them!