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Wake up and Discern

This is what I heard the Lord say while in prayer this morning:

“When shall My people wake up and discern some things? I have given them the ability to be able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. I have given them the ability to obtain knowledge, so they can separate the truth from that which is false. Many of My own are falling into traps of deception because of going after personalities rather than going after Me. Their focus has been on what they can get out of what they are connected to. Cry aloud and make it plain; deception is on the rise and many of My elect are being deceived. Cry aloud and unmask what the enemy is doing. Discern for yourself, each of you, what is aligned with the Truth of My Word and what is being throw out there to bait you! Many things spoken are to persuade you to actions that are not aligned to My Word. Many of My children are being taken advantage of simply because they have quit embracing My Absolute Truth and have gone after idols of man’s doings! Wake up and return! Return back to the simplicity of My Word! Return back to embracing My Word which is absolute that I have given you. Do not any longer be deceived. Do not any longer allow others to deceive you. My sword shall separate the authentic from the false. Wake up, Open your eyes! You have stood in the shadows long enough. It is time for you to rise and shine with My glory! You must allow My Spirit to open your eyes and see where you have fallen short from embracing and walking in My Truth. There is an upward call! Run, run, run, run after Me not man! I will reveal Myself to you and prove to you that I AM THE GREAT I AM and I can and will work wonders among you!”