Inner Circle Ministries
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Will You Believe?

“If you will welcome the Holy Spirit into your situation that you are faced with; He will intervene on your behalf and bring some needed change. In a state of desperation, you have taken things into your own hands. The situation has worsened because of it. You have tried to work it out yourself and have become more frustrated due to experiencing no change. You must take your hands off and allow the Lord to do what only He can do in the situation. Trust the Lord and lean not to your own understanding. Do not be moved by what you see with the natural eyes. Just believe! He will invade your situation. Let Him get involved. You must invite Him to be involved. Your situation is not hopeless. I see some RESTORATION coming! To some families! Some individuals! Some situations! Some circumstances! What you have considered to be too late for change; it is not! Martha thought it was too late for her brother Lazarus to be raised after 4 days of being dead! Yet Jesus encouraged Martha to just believe! Both Martha and Mary believed and they saw the glory of God displayed as Jesus intervened! Lazarus was raised up from the dead! What is it in your life that needs raised up and restored? Invite the Holy Spirit to get involved! With God all things are possible. Do you believe? Will you receive that truth?”