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Your Are An Original 

Don’t try to be a Carbon-Copy of someone when God – Elohim – Your Creator, made you an ORIGINAL! It is ok to have some character traits like those who have mentored you, but hey God created you as an unique one that He desired you to be! BE LIKE HIM! We all are different and in the marvelous work of our Creator, we all are to complement HIM who created us. Keep this in mind, that you do not want others to see your mentor when they see you. You need to desire they see JESUS! Others took notice that Peter and John had been with Jesus! Hallelujah! Our purpose should be to make JESUS famous in the earth so that the Father can be glorified in the Son! Somebody needs to say JESUS!!!! I want to help push you out of your nest tonight into ANOTHER PLACE you have never been before! It is time to SOAR and ROAR IN THE LORD! It is time to bring HIM some GLORY! It is time to see some lives Transformed on a greater scale! Say HARVEST-TIME! Hallelujah! Some have sown into lives…others have come along and watered the seed…but NOW it is Harvest-time! God is bringing the INCREASE!