Inner Circle Ministries
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Your Full Redemption Is Paid For

Someone reading this is being called out of bondage into a place of freedom! You have been in that place too long! It is time to be set free and enjoy a life in Jesus! He (Jesus Christ) sacrificed His life so you could experience life and freedom! Your full redemption has been paid in full! Are you taking advantage of what has been provided for you? Are you walking in that freedom that has been paid for or are you still in bondage in some area of your life? Today can be your day of liberation! The Spirit is calling you today into a place of freedom! Whom the son (Jesus) sets free, is free indeed! The Absolute Truth of God’s word will bring freedom to your life! There has been a way made for you to come out of captivity into liberty! The prison door has been open and you have the choice to walk out or to stay in! The Spirit is calling some people out of a place of bondage into a place of liberation! Is that you the Holy Spirit is talking to? The Spirit is saying, “Come unto Me and I will give you rest!”