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Your "Near You" Promise

The word of the Lord comes to you: “Do not get weary in well doing! Do not abort that which has been conceived by the Spirit! Your promise is upon you! You may feel like giving up on what you have been faithfully standing and believing for! But that is only your emotions messing with you! Your “spirit man” is being strengthened by the Holy Spirit and you will be able to continue to stand and maintain your faith in God the Father! When it appears nothing is working, nothing is moving, and nothing is changing: do not be shaken by that! The truth is: The Holy Spirit is working, moving and changing some things so your promise can be received! Keep the NEAR YOU promise embraced! Keep your faith working! Stay operating in the realm of Love! Keep praising the Lord! Keep giving Him worship because He is working His word to bring forth a manifestation of promise to you! One of the hardest places to be is “between the conception of promise and the manifestation of promise!” If you stay faithful in spite of what your five senses tell you, you will see with your natural eyes your God-given promise fulfilled! Your promise is becoming “a no longer conceived promise”, but rather “a now manifested promise in your life!”